8 year old kid bullied in school!

Another case of an 8 year old being bullied.  Mohamed was found hanging in the bathroom stall by a security guard. You might be thinking hanging in the bathroom stall why?  Well it was bathroom break and he went to use the restroom as he was coming out, two boys pushed him back in, and they tried to break his neck, when they had no luck, they decided to hang him in the stall.  This hurt tremendously and he fell unconscious.  He was later discovered in the bathroom by a security guard.  Imagine if that was you?  A kid who is going to school as he normally does only to come to a scene like this.  I think it is terrifying.  He was rushed to the hospital and after a week, he was released from the hospital.  Can you imagine how severe the pain must have been or the attack must have been that he had to spend 1 week in the hospital?

What is amazing is that his father complained to the school that his son was getting bullied, but the school did nothing.  This has been the case with many students.  The school does nothing, until the attack is very severe.

The question for all of you to ask yourselves is what are other kids watching or doing at home that they learn to bully?  Are they being bullied, are they watching and TV or playing destructive games?  What is it that made those kids be so cruel?

For now I want all of you to think about yourself being in the position of Mohamed, and how painful it could be.  So if you’re a kid who is reading this, please don’t bully, and if you know someone who is bullying please tell on him or her.  If you’re an adult teach your kids that bullying is wrong, and that they should never do it.

Let’s make a difference by listening to one another and helping each other!

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