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Dear Media Professional,

My name is Alya Nuri, and you probably know me as the kid who wants to change the world by bringing awareness about Alcohol, Smoking, and Drugs. I want to help kids say NO confidently!

I love to inspire and motivate kids to be who they are. It’s better for kids to know and comprehend why these things are bad for them, instead of just hearing that “it is bad for you.”

If you would like to interview me, please email me at

Alya Nuri



“One of the biggest concerns an interviewer has is to get a guest, more likely a child, that answers in short, clipped sentences that provide no fertile ground from which another question can be grown. However, in Alya you have a young lady that is prepared and knows that what she is saying matters most. She has credibility!”

Tom Berryman
Voices of the Tri-States, KDTH
Voted the number One public affairs program two years running by the Iowa Broadcast News Association